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The South Fence Machinery Ltd Wire Coiler Machines have been developed from the Company’s extensive experience of more than 85 years in the manufacture of wire products and machinery specifically designed and produced for the manufacture of rural wire fence products.

It is the vast experience gained over the years that has enabled South Fence Machinery Ltd to identify and design features to facilitate the most economic and efficient manufacture of wire fence products.

The same dedication and exacting standards that have placed South Fence Machinery Ltd at the forefront of Fixed Knot, Stiff Stay and Hinge Joint machine technology have been applied in the design and development of the Wire Coiler Machine.

As with all South Fence machines the wire coiler is constructed using the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship.

South Fence Machinery Ltd's Wire Coiler Machine is a high production machine that can coil wire at 375 metres/1237.5 feet per minute and can produce coils up to 60kg/132.25lb in weight.

The machine lays the wire in a horizontal plane to ensure that when the coil is unwound that the wire flows off from the apex of the coil minimizing the risk of costly and time consuming wire tangles. 

Our machines now incorporate Coil Density Management (CDM), this dynamically manages the density of each coil, ensuring that coil stack height is minimised and allowing you to ship more coils within a given volume.

The pneumatically driven accumulator ensures easy unwinding from the pay-off coil and absorbs any wire tangle impacts generated by the wire carrier.

To ensure the most efficient production time South Fence Machinery Ltd have developed a dual coil collection system that allows the operator to tie off one coil while the machine produces a second coil. An automated pneumatic cutter is utilised to cut the wire coil free, ensuring a safe and accurate cut every coil.

The South Fence Machinery Ltd Wire Coiler incorporates a pneumatic crane for removing the finished coil from the machine. The machine has a comprehensive range of safety features including electric trip systems and guards that not only keep the operator safe, but also stop the machine automatically in the event of a wire breakage or tangle. 

A full and comprehensive risk assessment is conducted on all South Fence machines.

Safety features include:

  • Category 4 Interlock switches on all movable guards
  • Category 4 Solonoid locking guards to prevent operator access in high risk areas during machine operation
  • Category 4 Light curtain between tie-off area and coiling area
  • Stand alone safety Relays to monitor all safety related control features
  • Punch panel guard system to prevent operator access and exposure to hazards
  • Machine trip limits to eliminate "bird nest" wire tangles
  • Warning signage to indicate hazards present
  Wire Coiler Machine
Wire Size Range 2.00mm to 4.00mm (0.079” to 0.157”)
Wire Tensile Range

Up to 525 N/mm2  for 3.15 to 4.00mmØ

Up to 1390 N/mm2  for 2.50 to 2.80mmØ 
Coil Dimensions

Maximum Outside Diameter: 800mm (adjustable)

Minimum Inside Diameter: 460mm (adjustable)
Max Coil Weight 60kg
Production Speed Up to 375 metres per minute
Coil Density Management (CDM) Standard on all machines
Floor Space Required 5.5m x 3m (18ft x 10ft)

Variation to the above specifications are available on request. All weights and measures are approximate.

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