Hinge Joint Machine

The South Fence Machinery Hinge Joint machines have been developed from the company’s extensive experience of more than 85 years in the manufacture of wire fence products and wire fence manufacturing machinery.

The Hinge Joint was one of the first woven wire fence types to enter the market in the late 1800’s and is still used worldwide as a cost-effective fence solution. It consists of hinged joints that allow for fence flexibility at all points.

The Hinge Joint machine has played a vital role in the company’s success, which includes advancing hinge joint fence to a leading position in the New Zealand market and pioneering worldwide production of high tensile farm fences.

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  • The fence is inherently flexible in nature due to the hinged wrap utilised, allowing for sections of the fence to be hinged to suit differing applications.

  • The fence wire’s tensile and wire gauge can be mixed and matched to suit market expectations.

  • Alternating Line-wire tension crimp ensures balanced tensioning of the fence during straining as well as temperature and terrain variation.

  • The method of twisting the hinge joint knot ensures a smooth wrap by rounding the hinge edges.

Our Hinge Joint fencing machines support all the features and functionality expected on any modern manufacturing machine:

  • Simple and well-engineered components ensure the machine runs reliably. If desired, the machine can be designed to support custom wire specifications.

  • A range of crimping drum change gears along with simple mechanical adjustments ensures the machine operator can change and manufacture many common stay-wire spacing sizes.

  • The machine has a comprehensive arrangement of electric trip systems to ensure the machine stops in the event of wire tangle, breakage, or incorrect machine function.

  • The take-up assembly incorporates a driven stripper trolley and support trolley for easy roll removal to minimise operator fatigue.


All machines are backed by South Fence Machinery’s comprehensive warranty and after sales support to ensure your peace of mind.

The Hinge Joint machine has a full complement of safety systems to ensure your operator's safety. A full and comprehensive risk assessment is conducted on all South Fence machines in line with international safety regulations and CE compliancy. 

Machine Safety Features:

  • Monitored Light Curtains on both the front and rear of the machine

  • Monitored RFID Interlock switches on all removable guards and doors

  • Siemens safety PLC to monitor all safety related control features

  • 2mm punch panel guard system finished in a durable powder coat

  • Festo pneumatic safety valves and regulators

  • Comprehensive machine warning signage

  • Non-slip operator platforms with hand rails and kick boards

  • HMI operator fault banner system

  • Safe speed monitoring of all axes for machine set-up and fault finding


Compliance Standards:

ISO 12100:2010

General Principles for Design – Risk assessment and reduction

ISO 13857:2008

Safety Distance to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper and lower limbs

ISO 13855:2010

Positioning of safeguards with respect to the approach speed of parts of the human body

ISO 13850:2015

Emergency stop function – Principles of Design

ISO 13849-1:2015

Safety-related parts of control systems – General principles for design

ISO 13849-2:2012

Safety-related parts of control systems - Validation

EN 60204-1:2006 + A1:2009

Electrical equipment of machines – General requirements

EN 62061:2015

Safety of machinery - Functional safety of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic control systems

AS 4024.1-2014

Safety of Machinery

AS 1657-2013

Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders – Design, construction and installation

AS 1554.3:2014

Structural steel welding – Welding of reinforcing steel

HJM 14L-Standard Wide Bed
Maximum Fence Height 2 metres (79")*
Maximum Number of Horizontal Wires 14 Line*
Vertical Wire Spacing 150mm (6") and 300mm (12")
Custom spacing available on request
Horizontal Wire Diameter Top and Bottom Wires: Up to 3.5mm (0.140")Ø*
Intermediate: Up to 2.80mm (0.110")Ø*
Vertical Wire Diameter Up to 2.80mm (0.110")Ø*
Maximum Machine Speed Up to 130 cycles per minute
Maximum Roll Diameter 625mm (24.5")*
Safety Equipment Utilised Fixed Guards
CAT4 RFID Monitored Guards
CAT4 Light Curtains
Dual Roll System Available on request
Automatic Label Inserters Available on request
Automatic Cut, Strip, & Reload Available on request
Interrupted Stay Spacing Available on request
Compensator Take-up Available on request
Motion System Controlled Siemens Servo Control
Automatic Lubrication System Automatic machine and twister lubrication, additional lubrication options available on request
Approximate Floor Area Required 10m x 9m (33ft x 30ft)

* Variation to the specifications are available on request.

All weights and measures are approximate.

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