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South Fence Customer Support Banner Customer Support

We are the one company who will answer all your fence manufacturing questions and provide technical support when you need it. Buying machinery is simple, to ensure your new machine operates efficiently and continues to produce world class fence product you require fast and informative technical support directly from the machinery manufacturer. We understand this with our comprehensive machine support service for your peace of mind.

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South Fence Design and Development Banner Design & Development

Our machine products continue to lead the worldwide fence manufacturing market because of our enduring commitment to the design and development of our equipment range. Constant improvement allows our customers to produce the very latest fence specifications on the market.

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South Fence Supply Partner Banner Supply Partners

Our global supply partners commitment to worldwide service and customer support ensure we remain the leaders of the international fence machine manufacturing market. Our international supply partners provide our customers with prompt technical support, spare parts sales, and technical services worldwide.

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South Fence Machinery

South Fence Machinery is the world leader in fence manufacturing technology, exporting our fence manufacturing machinery globally.

Our constant improvement, commitment to world leading machinery safety standards, and ability to produce specific machinery designs to meet your exacting production requirements are the reasons we continue to be successful in this niche market place.

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Latest Wire Coiling Technology with CDM

If you are in the wire coiling industry, looking to boost manufacturing productivity without compromising quality or performance, then this is the machine for you!

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Wire Re-Coiler with CDM

Our customers are always trying to optimising their wire products and save on space when it comes to shipping.

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Hello Wire Russia 2019

Setup and ready to go, come visit us at Wire Russia 2019 Booth C66.

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